Using List&Label 8, print out on default printer using c++

Hi, I would like to print on default printer through List&Label 8 and using c++. I got error -23.
I found a template which I’m using.
My simple code is

HLLJOB hJob = LlJobOpen(1);
if (LlPrintWithBoxStart(hJob,
LL_PROJECT_LIST, "C\\CG_A4_Graph_and_AllParameters.lst", LL_PRINT_NORMAL, LL_BOXTYPE_NORMALMETER, m_hWnd, "print") == 0)
		LlPrintSetBoxText(hJob, "starting...", 0);
		LlPrintEnd(hJob, 1);
		LlPrintSetBoxText(hJob, "done", 100);
		MessageBox(NULL, "error", MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mehran,

Welcome to our community :slight_smile:. Your code is missing some basic concepts like providing data or actually printing. Just have a look at the programmer’s reference that has a wealth of code samples. Also, the provided C++ sample applications should help. Just return here if you still can’t get what you need!