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Using Application Specific Mail Settings

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Valid from List & Label 10
Until List & Label 16 you can adjust the settings for sending export results via email by using the control panel applet. In this case, your applications will globally use the same settings.

Alternatively, you may choose to have application specific settings for your application. You can let your users configure these settings by calling LsMailConfigurationDialog().

This API can easily be accessed from the components (.NET, VCL, DLL). For .NET, the required call would look like:
LL.Core.LsMailConfigurationDialog(Handle,"<Application Name>",
LsMailConfigurationFlags.Global|LsMailConfigurationFlags.Provider|LsMailConfigurationFlags.User, LlLanguage.Default);

For other programming languages, the API is accessible after referencing the header (and lib) file for the cmls??.dll (?? version dependant).

IDKBTE000636 KBTE000636