Use of Specific Paper Formats

Note: From List & Label in Version 27 there is the possibility to use List & Label without a printer driver and therefore also free page sizes/dimensions.

A specific format cannot be created in List & Label because user-defined formats are driver-dependent. To use a defined paper format within List & Label, it must be created in the printer driver. Many drivers offer the possibility to do this. It should be considered that due to the driver dependency at different workstations, the formats can have different values.

Then, the created format can be used in List & Label. Within the List & Label Designer, you can access the print settings via “Project > Page Setup > Layout Regions”. Set the desired format here.

For example, you can also use the “Force Paper Size” property to try to force the page format set in the design as far as possible if the printer definition file does not exist. The printer settings are saved in a separate file. It bears the name of the report and has, for example, the file extension “.lsp” for lists. If the corresponding file does not exist during printing, the currently set Windows standard printer is used.

You can set the “Use Physical Page” property in the printer settings so that the entire physical page is available to you in the Designer as a work area, including the non-printable edge area. In addition, the dimensions can be individualized here. Please note, however, that the printer driver may not always accept these specifications and only allows this for user-defined page formats.