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Troubles with Reporting Wizard from Visual Studio 2019 Extension

I just installed the trial version (26).
When going through the Reporting Wizard via Tools> combit…>Reporting Wizard, I get the folllowing exception:


Error: this template attempted to load component assembly ‘combit.ListLabel26.ReportingWizard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a7a30592cb4a94be, Custom=null’. For more information on this problem and how to enable this template, please see documentation on Customizing Project Templates.

What are the mechanics of the installation - this .dll should have been added to GAC but it hasn’t due to reasons x or?

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Installing it on another machine, the installer put the ReportingWizard dll in the GAC. Trying to uninstall-install again on the first machine with Administrator elevation did unfortunately nothing (no warning too).

Installing the dll into the GAC manually via gacutil /i worked.


Thanks for reporting - haven’t come across this issue. We’ll try to get a repro, although we would have gotten a number of reports if this happened a lot. Good to hear you"ve got a solution, though. Would you be available for further troubleshooting?

It depends on the nature of the troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Probably, an install log would be the first step, i.e. you’d need to uninstall and reinstall again, this time with command line parameters. If you don’t care anymore, we’ll just try to fix it anyway or at least put some proper, helpful error handling in place for the cases where this happens.

Sorry, I’ve had enough re-installations for this week, maybe month.

I think this GAC installation/un-installation should be done from the extension since it’s for its own use. So error-handling imho is to be done there.

Also, uninstalling the “program” should remove the extension automatically the same way it adds it automatically (without prompt to the user) in the installation phase.

Last point is linked to this topic - I think the components in the Visual Studio Toolbox should be added/removed by the extension installation/un-installation and not via registry.

Fully understand - we’ll check the points raised here and might come back to this tread then.

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We were meanwhile able to reproduce this on one testing machine. Thanks again for the hint, this should now be fixed. We’ll also look at your ideas how to streamline the installation.

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