Switching between Printers

Wondering if any one can help-
I’m trying to switch printers dependent on a product line - which fails on the first print, but if reprinted works fine.

[code] With ListLabelObj
Call GrabData(sPathAndFile)
Lret = .LlPreviewSetTempPath("")
Lret = .LlPrintWithBoxStart(LL_PROJECT_LABEL, sPathAndFile, LL_PRINT_PREVIEW, LL_BOXTYPE_STDABORT, Me.hWnd, “Printing…”)

   'Populate the Labels editable controls
   Lret = .LlDomGetProject(hProj)
   Lret = .LlDomGetObject(hProj, "Objects", hObjList)
   Lret = .LlDomGetSubobjectCount(hObjList, lCount)

   For i = 1 To lCount
     Lret = .LlDomGetSubobject(hObjList, i, hSub)
     Lret = .LlDomGetProperty(hSub, "Name", sVal)
     Select Case sVal
     Case "Losnummer"
        Lret = .LlDomSetProperty(hSub, "DefaultValueText", "'" & m_sLossNumber & "'")

     Case "Deutschland"
        Lret = .LlDomSetProperty(hSub, "DefaultValueText", "'" & m_sOrigin & "'")
     Case "ggn"
        Lret = .LlDomSetProperty(hSub, "DefaultValueText", "'" & m_sGGN & "'")
     Case Else
     ' Lret = .LlDomGetProperty(hSub, "Name", sVal2)
       Debug.Print sVal
     End Select
   Next i
  sSQl = "Select distinct * from tblLine where sName = '" & m_sCurrentLabel.sLine & "'"      
  'if no lbp file exists create one
  If Trim$(Dir(sLBPNameAndPath)) = "" Then
     Lret = .LlPrinterSetup(Me.hWnd, LL_PROJECT_LABEL, sPathAndFile)
  End If
  If Not MDC.bRSOpenStatic(objRec, sSQl) Then Exit Function
  If Not objRec.EOF Then
     sTempS = "" & objRec!sPrinter
     Call SelectPrinter(sTempS)
  End If

  Lret = .LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile(LL_PROJECT_LABEL, sPathAndFile, -1, sTempS, 0)

  Debug.Print sTempS
   Lret = .LlPrint()
   Lret = .LlPrintEnd(0)
    'loads prieview file LL
      LlView.FileURL = sPathAndFile
      LlView.Enabled = False
      Call LlView.SetZoom(m_lZoom)

End With[/code]

Is there a way to flush the printer object and force it to pick up the new settings?


After trawling through the documentation. I found it.
Any changes to the Printers must be made prior to calling the
“LlPrintWithBoxStart” function.