Set Up Printer Name Using Combit List and Label 15

Hello Everyone,

I want to ask a question about printer…

I want to print using combit list and label 15 to 2 different printer which one of them is sharing printer for kitchen printer needed. So, basically if customer order food, the order is printed to kitchen printer, but if customer order drink, the order is printed to bar printer.

What i want to ask is, can we set up printer name or Device.Name using combit list and label 15 ?? I’m trying to read and learn with the programmer reference but they said we can set up printer name using LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile procedure, but based on my research that procedure only can be used in DEVMODE structure ( Correct me if i’m wrong.

So, i’m trying another way.
In Design Combit List and Label 15 i’m trying to pass a variable name called “PN” that represent “Printer Name”. But if the destination printer is sharing printer and that printer is not Default Printer, the order always printed to Default Printer.

I’m using OpenEdge Release 10.2B.

Please Help me.

Apologize for my bad english.

Thank you.

Dear Ms. Lie,

thank you for your post.

Basically you can always replace a printer in the printer configuration file (p-file - example ‘order.lsp’) by a new one with ‘LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile’. There are no limitations for VB.NET.

With the help of ‘LlSetPrinterToDefault’ you can undo the changes and use the systems default printer, else you can set a new printer with ‘LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile’ if you need so.

Another possibility is the usage of the DOM API.

You can find detailed information and even examples in your programmer’s reference (LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile - Seite 269, DOM API - chapter ‘5. Using the DOM-API’).

Otherwise you can define a DEVMODE structure in the Windows API.

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Patrick Preuschoff
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