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Sum of elements

(Guest) #1

I am trying to create a list of construction elements with LL12. Is it possible to set the field with the sum of all components e.g. mass above(not below) the table ? When I set it on top of table it shows 0 because nothing was summed yet.

(Guest) #2

Well-timed question…

I guess you need to upgrade to LL17 :wink: This is one of the new top-features of LL17 (precalculation function).


(Guest) #3

What about programming in Visual Basic ?? Would that work ??

(Guest) #4

Well you have access to the database. So of course you can do that yourself, for example by using


and set the value into a LL field. This is always faster than PRECALC anyway, if you have the way to know the value beforehands by “native database” means.