Spaces on excel export for chinese characters


I am facing an issue while exporting to excel file.
It is happening even after i use the same fix described here: Spaces on excel export on LL26
I´ve tryied changing fonts (with diferent spacing) accordingly to List of typefaces included with Microsoft Windows - Wikipedia to use for chinese characters, but still happens the space whitin some data.

I´ve installed LL26SP5 also hopping it would mitigate the issue but still happens.

What else should i do?

Thanks a lot.

Could you try and hardcode your text into one of the sample projects (e.g. in the Demo Application) and reproduce the issue there? That’ll help troubleshooting.

Hello @jbartlau ,

I am not being able to reproduce it whitin demo application.
I´ll try update to LL27 and check if issue still happens and let you know.


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Hello @jbartlau ,

Just to give the feedback that LL 27 does not solve the issue :frowning:
I have no more ideas :sob:

Any chance to get your application at hand for a repro?

I´m opened to anything (what is that you want?)

You could open a “normal” support case, ask for an upload link and send us all files required for an in-house repro.

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Thank you,

I did that.

Best Regards

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