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Simplified Passing Fields and Variables

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Valid from List & Label 9
All fields and variables not representing a string had in the past to be passed on via the LlDefineVariableExt[Handle] and LlDefineFieldExt[Handle] methods. Aside from providing the explicit List & Label data type, the developer also had to convert the parameters to strings in some cases.

The .NET component offers two collections: Variables and Fields. Using the method Add(...) from each collection you can easily add new objects. The .NET component does the correct declaration for you.

When using these overloaded functions, you no longer have to check the data types of your database fields. Simply pass on what your database offers you and let List & Label deal with the rest. Following is a declaration example:
for(int i=0; i<MyDataReader.FieldCount; i++)
    LL.Variables.Add(MyDataReader.GetName(i), MyDataReader.GetValue(i));
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