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Set extended QRCode settings using DOM object model

I suggest to implement the following feature:

Currently (LL 24 ServicePack 2) it’s only possible to set basic barcode properties using the DOM object model. Especially for QR codes the extended settings like error correction level can’t be set by using DOM. This can only be done using List&Label designer.

A typical use case might be:

Because of legal requirements the error correction level has to be set on some QR codes. For example SEPA transaction require an error correction level of M.

Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed, this is one of the few things that cannot be set via DOM currently. While offering “full” DOM support would require quite a bit of changes, we could offer to set the error correction level default for newly created objects quite easily. You’d then have to use something like

LL.Core.LlXSetParameter(LlExtensionType.Barcode, "QRCode", "ErrorCorrectionLevel", "1");

to change the default to “M”. Such a change could be implemented e.g. in LL25. Would that help already?

Sorry for the very late response, didn’t notice your post.
Yes, this change would be very helpful!

You often hear “Your wish is my Command”. But in this case it is true and as suggested by @jbartlau we have implemented the option in version 25 accordingly and it can be used in this way:

LL.Core.LlXSetParameter(LlExtensionType.Barcode, "QRCode", "ErrorCorrectionLevel", "1");

LlXSetParameter(hJob, LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_BARCODE, L"QRCode", L"ErrorCorrectionLevel", L"1");

The following values can be used for the new ‘ErrorCorrectionLevel’ option of the QRCode:

Level L: “0” or “L”
Level M: “1” or “M”
Level Q: “2” or “Q”
Level H: “3” or “H”

We hope that the described requirement can be fulfilled.