Sending eMails with Logo/Tables/Formtted Text in eMail Body


We have a client that want us to send an eMails to their Customers with formated eMail Body: Their Logo, various fonts and font sizes, data organized in table(s).

I was considering the option to create LL preview file and export it as MHTML.
Does anyone has an example how to email that MHTML file (“filename.mht”) in email body (and NOT as an attachment) and willing to share it here.

Which parameters for “Send Export Results via E-Mail” (“Export.Mail.???”) will need to be set for that to work?

LL 22


Hi Jan,

According to the Programmer’s Reference (chapter 7.5.2) you’d use LlXSetParameter (or LL.ExportOptions.Add for .NET) and set the Export.Mail.SendResultAs option to “text/html”. Not sure if you’d use MHTML or XHTML, just try and note the restrictions about the provider (needs to be XMAPI or SMTP).



Hi Jan! where you able to do this as you wished in the first post?