Html preview for e-mail not rendering properly


I have a report being used for sending an e-mail for the client with his appointments.
I want a picture behind the text which i successfully created on designer.
However when the application opens it embedded (and i have the file in temp folder has well) it does not renders it properly has it is on the exported file (see attached image with both pictures opened):

Previously it was exporting to HTML and i´ve changed for XHTML, but the embedded preview and sending it for the client´s e-mail is not correctly displaying.

What am i missing,please?



P.S. - i´ve came accross this post Export to email without saving report - English Forum - combit Reporting Forum but is not quite the same issue i have.

Hi Carlos,

For compatibility reasons, sending export via mail might use a different HTML standard than the XHTML export. Could you try and make sure the image is not overlapping any other object? I understand that this would lead to your watermark no longer being displayed in the background of the text, however maybe it’s sufficient to have it once in the header? As long as you don’t have any overlaps, the image should be printed just fine then.

If that doesn’t help we’d try to reproduce the issue on our end then.

Hello @jbartlau ,

Thanks very much for the response, but the watermark is a must for the client.
I´ve simply copy my header object and place it behind the text to reproduce the issue he complaints about while trying to debug on my side.

If you were able to reproduce it and check if there is a way to fix it (or maybe could be something i wrong i mado on my code…).

Best Regards


Hey Carlos,

thanks for the patience. Jochen asked me to come back to you after I was able to reproduce the issue you mentioned. Unfortunately there is no real news, to be honest.

You could use the export format ‘HTML’, which allows pictures to be displayed correctly, but only if they are not overlapping any of the other objects. Also you could render a watermark solely out of rectangles but I guess one wouldn’t be able to structure a picture out of only rectangles that looks like the blue logo you screenshotted above - if you do so please keep me updateded :wink:

But all fun aside - we highly recommend to attach a file with the contents accordingly to an email that invites the reader to click on the attachment. With, for example, a PDF file you could place the watermark anywhere you want and would not run into any issues, even when viewing the file with different PDF readers.

I will make sure to give our development department a notice about that case so that the current behavior can be re-evaluated for any new List & Label version. If you want to push this topic please feel free to create a new post within our Idea Place.

Greetings from Germany :wave:


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Hello @ppreuschoff ,

I believe i found another issue related with this as well.
Chinese characters in LST file are also all presented messed up like image:

Can you confirm if you can reproduce it?
If it´s the case the solution will be as you stated before (i.e. - in a future release)?
GLP_SPA_20211201_TC_withoutBG.LST (145.3 KB)

Best Regards,


Hello Carlos,

thanks for coming back to us :slight_smile:

(Un)fortunately I was not able to reproduce the issue. When exporting to XHTML on my side chinese characters won’t be altered as far as I can tell.

Would you mind sending us a minimized sourcecode sample via our support portal so that we can perform a more detailed analysis?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @ppreuschoff ,

Just wondering if the development department already had a chance to review the issue about the watermark not being displayed when text is overlap and if there is a prediction of the List & Label version which address that?

Thank you


Hello Carlos,

thanks for your reply :smiley:

Currently there is no new information about the topic. User ideas and feedback are still very important for us, though it might take some List & Label versions until some are implemented.

Within the idea place section of this forum you can create a new entry so that other developers that might face the same limitation can vote and get this topic a higher priority for us to consider as a new feature for one of the next List & Label versions.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

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