Sending Email via Microsoft Outlook not Possible

Valid from List & Label 10
With the latest updates from Microsoft, there are more and more inquiries from customers who report, for example, that it is no longer possible to send emails from applications with List & Label in connection with Microsoft Outlook. This seems to occur after the updates with different Office versions. Detailed log files contain entries of this type:
combit.ListLabelxx.LL_General_Exception: LL_ERR_STG_UNEXPECTED
LS: <MAPISendMail() -> 0x1a
ERR: LS: <clsMAPI::Send(result=26) -> MAPI_E_NOT_SUPPORTED (26)
ERR: LS: EXCEPTION(An error occurred while sending mail using MAPI: MAPI_E_NOT_SUPPORTED (26))

As a result of our cooperation with Microsoft, the two solutions mentioned by Microsoft Support can be applied as a workaround. As a rule, these have been able to remedy the situation for affected customers. Microsoft will not make any further changes. The occurrence of the problem with the installation of the Windows 10 “Fall Creator’s Update” or the latest Office Updates is accepted as “by design”. This problem can occur in all applications that send mails via Extended MAPI (XMAPI), regardless of our products.

Option 1: Run Fixmapi.exe:
1.1 Exit all programs.

1.2 Rename the Mapi32.dll and Mapistud.dll files in the folder C: \Windows\System32\ and assign the names Mapi32.old and Mapistud.old.

1.3 Locate the Fixmapi.exe file in the C: \Windows\System32\ folder, and then double-click Fixmapi.exe to run the program. It may be necessary to use a command prompt executed as administrator with the command C:\Windows\System32\Fixmapi.exe.

1.4 Restart your computer and check that the sending email is working correctly. If this is not the case, please check Option 2: Performing an Office Repair Installation.

Option 2: Performing an Office Repair Installation:
To learn how to perform an Office repair installation, see the following link on the Microsoft Support Website Repair an Office application.

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