Refresh DataSource while designer is running

I would like to be able (e.g. with a DesignerAction) to refresh the DataSource while the designer is already running.

Ideally, this would include possible changes to the schema. I would also however already benefit merely from a solution where the schema has to remain identical, but the content changes.

This would be really a helpful feature. I implemented my own IDataProvider and hoped I can set ll.Datasource = null and afterwards to a new instance of my DataProvider object.

If this would work, I could provide extreme values for design time and can check needed layout changes faster. Currently I have to save the project, start the project again with minimal values, check, eventually change, save, start over again check with maximum values, again and so on.

I know this could be hard to implement because of possible internal caching mechanisms of LL, but the feature must only work in Designer mode :slight_smile:

I’m also fine if only the content changes, no need to check for schema changes.