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Prepare multiple documents


(Dariusz Racz) #1

Is there posiblity to create report containing for example couple of invoices. I opening dataset for each invoice and for the last one I want to create one file with all of them. I know I can merge previev files(.ll) but there is any other way except modify dataset or marge files to do that?

(Günther Schwarze) #2

Depending on your LL version and component usage you can use LlPrintResetProjectState() (when working with the API) or the AutoMasterMode property of the component (.NET/VCL) to print a mail merge type project. Take a look at the Databinding 2 sample (for .NET or Delphi) that shows exactly how to print a serial invoice. For the API way, there’s some documentation in the programmer’s reference.

Besides, merging preview files works great and is also a good solution - which you already have discovered.