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Memory is not released

Hello everyone, i get a problem with memory.
I load a background picture to my report with : fLLDB.LL.LlDefineVariableExtHandle('Report.Hintergrund', background.Handle, LL_DRAWING_HBITMAP);
I generate PDF file with background, than I set background pic to invisible and generate another one PDF file without background
So i call 2 times

fLLDB.LL.AutoDestination := adExport;
fLLDB.ExportType := ftPDF;
fLLDB.ExportFile     := '.\tmp\test_1.pdf';
fLLDB.back := false;
fLLDB.ExportFile     := '.\tmp\test_2.pdf';

The memory is not released after i do :
But if i export only 1 PDF-File memory will be released.
I find out that memory size that not released is the size of background picture

To the best of my knowledge, we do not mess with Delphi’s memory manager. Best thing would be to have a repro at hand. Could you try and see what happens if you destroy and recreate the background between the two passes? Do you still see any memory leaks? Would this be a viable workaround?

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Thanks that was it! :grin:

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