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Printing problems after upgrading LL12 to LL20


After we upgraded our Delphi application from LL12 to LL20 we got several problems in printing. Some of them I managed to solve by reading the forum, but I still have two questions remaining:

  1. I show a preview, but when user closes the preview, the file is printed automatically. I do not want to have anything printed automatically. How to turn this printing off?

  2. We are merging a few files into one. Merging works fine, but the preview of the merged file is not shown anymore as it was before. How to show the merged file?

I am still new to LL, so need some help here. Thanks.

(1) Haven’t seen this happening before. May be related to (2)?!
(2) I’d suggest to switch the IncrementalPreview property of the component to False. Otherwise, LlPreviewDisplay will not work, as the preview is shown automatically during the print already.


I’ve switched LL_OPTION_INCREMENTAL_PREVIEW to False already, so I don’t get all the single pages displayed any more, but still I do not see the merged file. Perhaps I need to turn it back to True and call LL.Print again.

(1) is still a mystery to me. I guess there must be some flag or a property to switch off the automatic printing.

Your best bet is likely a debug log file to see what happens. How do you display (or try to display) the merged file anyway? LlPreviewDisplay would be the weapon of choice, works perfectly well on my end. In a log file you’ll likely see what’s causing the trouble.


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