LL27 SP4 crash on LlPrintEnd(hJob)

Language: Xbase++, Export to PDF
This happens on one speciffic list only, that worked perfectly on previous LL versions.
If I open the list in the designer, no errors or warnings.

The last line in DebWin4 is:
:black_small_square:;1000;30.08.2022 17:22:37.687;1;LL.Generic;50C;100:2=CMLL27​:diamonds:101:1=0; [cmll27EX] PDF:BeginPageExporting(…)

This should not happen.
What can i do?

Hi Jack,

if you have a crash i would send the dump file directly to combit using their support portal.


A first suspicion could be that the DLL “combit.ListLabel.ConversionTools.x86.dll” is missing or not accessible during PDF export.

Could you check your module directory for this? An overview of the files required for distribution can be found in the file Redist.txt in the List & Label installation directory.

Otherwise, like @Hans_Peter_Reische said, we would like to ask you to open a support case in the support portal. Please upload the LOG file in the case. To be able to analyze the crash, please also create a DUMP file.

We can then of course share the cause/solution for all users here in the forum.

Thank you very much.

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