RTF line feed problem

We are having problem right now with RTF texts overlapping.
Our previous version used is LL17 and this is not a problem.
Recently we upgraded to the latest LL24 then we have this problem.
Screenshot is shown.

Can someone maybe share some solutions for this?

As a temporary solution for now, we set the Bottom padding to 5mm.
But I don’t want to do this to all the lst files.

I am really wondering the different behaviors of LL17 and LL24 regarding this.

Can somebody please share some thoughts?

It might have to do with a different default for LL_OPTION_INCLUDEFONTDESCENT, see here:

However, that shouldn’t change RTF’s behavior. Maybe you’re now using a different Windows RTF control now? You might want to try and change the control version, see here:

We tried both already and still not working.
We are now spending a lot of time checking this.

I’d contact support for such specific questions - or we need more info here in the forum (log file LL17/24, full preview for both, project files). Most of the time the support is very helpful. Be careful not to upload any personal data here, some attachments had to be deleted in a different thread recently. That is reason support might be a better option.