Issue with Measurment system as US

Could you please help me out in this issue as if keep measurement system as “US” reports are blank.

Iam using C+++ DLL and lib to load the reports but if I keep measurement system as “US” reports are blank, do I need to change anything in the code.

||LlSetOption(m_hLLJob, LL_OPTION_METRIC, TRUE);|
||LlSetOption(m_hLLJob, LL_OPTION_UNITS, TRUE);|

You’re probably using formulas for object coordinates - see this Knowledgebase article for some important caveats:

Thanks for the reply were we have to use this funtion ?

this is for displaying Reports could you please let ne know where we should add. Any sample?

Did you look at the article? This needs to be done in the Designer.