In List & Label 23 how to get the 'Number of Copies' property for a label or label template


I am using List & Label 23 in a .NET Framework WinForms application, I want to surface to the user the number of times each label should have been printed by getting the ‘Number of Copies’ property the user has set in the Layout dialog of the Label Template Designer.

Is there a method call I can use to access this property or the printer settings as a whole in this version of List & Label?

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Hello Daniel and welcome to the List & Label Forum :wave:

In recent versions of List & Label you can set the number of copies in the Designer directly (Enabling Individual Copies and Form Feeds for Labels | Reporting Blog) and use LL.LabelCopyCount to output this number. In version 23, this feature is not available, unfortunately and there is no way to get the selected copy count when using data binding.

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Martin Litkin

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the quick response, it is good to know there is an ability to do this in more recent versions.