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Improve the Alaska Xbase++ Samples

It would be nice to have a sample that shows how to support the designer preview (i.e. printing right within the Designer) from Xbase++.

I’ll be speaking at the Xbase++ forum meeting in Potsdam this year. If all works out as planned, this could be a part of my session there.

See https://www.combit.net/en/blog/development/april-2015/designer-preview-support-for-xbase/. Full sample will be available soon.

We’ll probably add a very nice class wrapper provided by Marcus Herz (from DS-Datasoft) to the product. He’ll be speaking on this wrapper at various events in the coming months. It will allow for easy data binding and include a designer preview.

Promoted to “planned” state.

Meanwhile this has been done, see https://www.combit.net/en/blog/development/02-2017/xbase-integration/