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Reports With Alaska XBase and xb2.NET

Good Morning.
Please, I am trying to understand the way for to see the reports in a Browse, like IE or Chrome. My enviroment is Alaska XBase and for webserve xb2.NET of Boris Borzic. Well, for Windows applications I have no any problems and me know make all types of possibilities (labels, cards or reports) but my doubts now are when I want see the report in web.
Do I need .NET, OCX, API of Combit or only with OCX,API or only with API.
Please, help me and say me how.
One example with source code would be the best practice in order to understand.
I am very confused because there are a lot of concepts to keep in mind.


Unfortunately I’m not fluent in Xbase++, neither do I know xb2.NET. Usually you can just take the code you have in place for your “normal” app and use it in a web app, i.e. the reports are compatible between all platforms as long as the data source doesn’t change. You could have a look at one of the provided samples for .NET or PHP - the code for the web printing is exactly the same as for a fat client print out.


Hi dear Günther.
Xb2.NET is an object-oriented Internet library for Xbase++. It includes classes for TCP/IP socket communications that can be used for developing virtually any kind of communications software.
Thanks for your comments, I will try it via one PRG and HTML.
But for now I am studying the documentation and I find it very difficult to get, I hope me can see how.

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