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How can I determine the number of pages from a pdf-object/text-object have actually being printed

I’d like to use in a SetVar-GetVar context the number of pages a give text object or pdf-object has actually printed (not duplicated itself with no Page Break). Is there some way to achieve that?

I am not sure if the requirement can be achieved with the designer alone. What exactly is the requirement for it? Maybe we can understand it better that way to find possible alternatives.

But from now I think only the event DrawObject of the .NET component might achieve it. There you can watch the name and type of each painted object within the report and you can use/update variables with the counted value.

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Thanks for the mentioning of the event - I’d remember it.
Requirement is this one.
For some reason I am not able to print a multi-page PDF object after a multi-page text object so they do not overlap.
Linking with “at-end” is not an option due to the size of the pdf being larger than the text.

Does the mentioned event would be helpful to solve your question?

Just an untested idea: have you tried another report container, insert a table with “Free Content”, use in this table the text- and pdf-object(s) and link that additional new report container?

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The event will not be as useful to my particular situation, but great to know in general / for future use :slight_smile:
Table with “Free Content” might be a good idea, but before testing it - doesn’t linking (at-end) always necessitate that object to be linked is smaller → otherwise an endless loop might occur? What do you mean exactly by linking - is it report container 1(table) and report container 2(free content → text and pdf)?
If this is how the Table with Free Content should look like in the second container, I think it is unfortunately very cumbersome to change the size of the PDF and there is no option for Page Break, so not entirely sure how to make it print all of its pages in new lines (each line = 1 page). Not sure if that’s what you mean (relatively new to the product).

Give it a try and make some test. This was my idea:

In this case the “linking” is performed automatically - the used report container is doing this.

Putting the new table with free content directly after the main table. And if a PDF object is used within a table each page of the choosen PDF document gets its own height automatically calculated by List & Label if height is defined to 0:

I hope that this idea will bring you a little further.

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I think that is much cleaner way and should work. Will try for sure. Thanks!!!

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