Getting Error LL_NoDestination_Exception on export

I am receiving this error, but I am distributing those dependencies.

Further reasons could be either, that the module c?LL26ex.llx, which is needed for the export, and which must be in the same path as the c?LL26.dll module, is not available, or the export format itself is restricted in the code, via “LL_OPTIONSTR_EXPORTS_ALLOWED”.

However, to be able to analyze the behavior in more detail, we need a LOG file. For this purpose we would ask you to open a new support case via our support portal and upload the LOG file for further analysis.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the response. It looks like the ExportTargetPath in the ExportConfiguration is expecting full path file and file name. We were supplying the folder name and then setting the ExportFile property.

This seems to solve the issue

NEW ExportConfiguration (LlExportTarget:Xlsx,
NEW ExportConfiguration