Export to Pinwriter(TTY) cause exception

When I select Export option Pinwriter(TTY) it gives error as below. Other Export Options working fine.

External component has thrown an exception.

at combit.ListLabel24.NativeMethods.LlSRTriggerExport64(Int32 hLlJob, Int32 hSessionJob, String pszId, String pszExportFormat, UInt32 nFlags)
at combit.ListLabel24.LlCore.LlTriggerExport(Int32 sessionHandle, String reportId, String exportFormat, Int32 flags)
at combit.ListLabel24.ListLabel.TriggerPrint(Int32 sessionHandle, String reportId, String exportFormat, String exportPath, String exportFile)
at combit.ListLabel24.Web.ViewerPrintState.TriggerExport(String target, String data)
at combit.ListLabel24.Web.Html5ViewerController.TriggerExport(String instanceId, String target, String data)

We could reproduce it with the last release of List & Label 24 (24.007) but not with List & Label 25 or the current version List & Label 26. Please try if you can reproduce it also with the current version. Many thanks!