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Export to MS Word/Excel from Preview (w/o callback function)

Export to MS Word/Excel from Preview is not possible (w/o callback) function. That might be complicated/problem for some programming languages (Xbase++ for ex.).

see also the Generic Aproach:

Both Suggestion are pointing in the same direction. Mine is inspired from the needs to reproduce an Print for some Export Formats. Not everything can be recreated from the WMF Information in the ll files.

We’re looking at a way in LL24 to embed selected export results into the preview. While it requires a multi-pass approach at print time, it enables exactly the features requested here: e.g. save to Word from the standalone viewer or use the Storage-Conversion-API to .ConvertTo("@c: empMyDoc.docx");

This approach will still require event handling, however this should meanwhile be easy for Xbase++ using Marcus’ excellent component (see https://www.combit.net/en/blog/development/02-2017/xbase-integration/). Will close this suggestion as a duplicate, see Dirk’s comment above to further track the implementation.