Pagebreaks before printing large Text Fields


I am having problems when I have to print a large text Field whose content does not fit on a single page. I hope you can help me.

In a report of type List I have defined a Text Field whose content occupies more than one page. The problem I have is that, when printing it, it always makes a page break before it instead of starting to print its content at the point on the page where it is defined, which leaves a large empty space on the previous page.

Is there any way to make it start printing the field at the point on the page where the field is defined instead of jumping to a new page to start printing?


P.S. When the content of the Field has only a few lines, it works fine; only forces the pagebreak when the content exceeds the size left on the page, and then prints normally across the rest of the pages as needed.

Hi Carlos,

This is almost certainly caused by a “Keep lines together” setting in the data line options. In order to prevent a wrap in between, LL will then trigger a page break once the content doesn’t fit.

Select the table item in the object list, navigate to the data line options and disable the “Keep together” option to get the desired behavior.

See here for the documentation.

Thank you very much, that was exactly the problem.

Best regards and thanks again for the quick response!

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