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Crash when printing

I’m a newbie to this forum and have a very strange problem. I’ve been using L&L 16 for several months with great success but have found that my users running on Remote Desktop connections to the server have been experiencing intermittent crashing of their programs while printing. It seems to be only those users, never the ones working from a local workstation over a network connection.

What happens, and I can routinely duplicate this, is once you click “print”, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s preview or directly to the printer, the program I’m printing from just disappears! No errors, no warnings, it just shuts down.

I’ve tried running debugging, but the minute I turn debugging on, the problem never happens again until I’ve turned debugging off.

The network admin has checked all of the permissions associated with these users and they have all appropriate permissions.

I’ve also got the preview and printer default properties set to the user’s temp directory and that seems to be working correctly when printing actually does work.

Has anyone encountered anything like this? TIA,
Bob Worsley
Stamford, CT, USA

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