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Connection to ZUGFeRD Invoice Format

List & Label provides you with a connection for generating and processing invoice data in accordance with the ZUGFeRD standard. This allows you to create PDF files generated by List & Label together with the XML data provided by the application in ZUGFeRD-compliant PDF/A-3 format.

As of List & Label 25, the updated ZUGFeRD Standard 2.0 is also supported. The new export option LlExportOption.PdfZUGFeRDVersion can be used to control the ZUGFeRD version in the generated PDF document. Details can also be found in the blog article Supporting ZUGFeRD 2.0 in PDF Export.

The necessary XML file to be embedded in the PDF must be generated and provided by the application. It is then sufficient to simply set the export option LlExportOption.PdfZUGFeRDXmlPath to the path of the created XML file in List & Label. The rest is then taken over by List & Label itself:

// Define path to the ZUGFeRD XML file
string xmlPath = @"C:\temp\ZUGFeRD-invoice.xml";

// Define List & Label export configuration with ZUGFeRD XML file
ExportConfiguration exportConfig = 
	new ExportConfiguration("PDF", @"C:\temp\Output.pdf", "invoice.lst");           
exportConfig.ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.PdfZUGFeRDXmlPath, xmlPath);

// Start export


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