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64 bit crossover EXE (cxMP21.exe) Combit 21

Greetings all,

Thanks for any help you may give.
For many years we had disabled the ability to save or e-mail reports from the Combit preview window. Going through my notes, I had mentions that we couldn’t get either feature to work on Vista or XP (specifically, OS’es without the Ribbon interface natively) so we simply disabled them (and provided our own methods to save / email reports from our application directly).

With more of our users working from home, we’ve gotten requests to enable emailing reports from the Preview window. (So users don’t have to generate the report again, especially if they’re using a slow connection from home.)

Since we no longer support Vista/XP, I simply enabled the Email button in the Preview pane and all works fine. As long as I’m using a 32 bit email program. If I have a 64 bit email program (IE: modern Outlook) then I get a MAPI error.

Reviewed the Combit documentation and it seems to say this problem is fixed by including cxMP21.exe in our installer, registering the executable during install and then our 32 bit program will be able to communiate with 64 bit Outlook (via cxMP21.exe). Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work for me. We use InstallShield 2013 for our installer, which allows us to register the executable via “Extract COM Information” (InstallShield’s recommended option) or Self Registration. I built installers with both methods, and after the install I did see cxMP21.exe in the registry (under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes) so I suspect that the registration worked fine, but I’m still seeing MAPI errors.

Specifically, with our 32 bit app trying to communicate to Outlook via Simple MAPI it pops up a “MAPI_E_INVALID_SESSION (19)” error message.

Any tips? Has anyone used the Combit provided 32/64 bit crossover application successfully?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out here. LL21 is a bit outdated, so there might have been changes to both Outlook and Windows in the meantime. If the exe is registered fine, we should be able to see a bit more if you logged an attempt to send a mail. See here for a guideline how to create such a log file. Also, you might try to use XMAPI instead of MAPI. Feel free to post a log file here (provided it doesn’t contain any personal data you’d like to protect) or otherwise create a case in our support center here. It might also be worthwile to check with the latest trial if LL25 works as expected. We’d be happy to provide you with a favorable update offer if that would solve the issue for you.

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