Wrong Variable Type in User Variables

Valid from List & Label 7
Background information:
List & Label processes user variables in the following steps:

1) define all sum variables as float with 1.0
2) define all user variables as string with "" (empty)
3) define all user variables using the formula -> this defines the type of the result
4) define the sum variables using their respective definition

Step 3 is processed in the order of appearance of the user variables, and this can cause the following problem:

If the formula of a user variable references a user variable that is defined later, and which will not have a string result type, the formula can not be parsed (as at the moment the user variable that is referenced has a string type from step (2), but in the formula it is expected as a different type).

@USER01 = Count*@USER02
@USER02 = 1.16

Step (2) will predefine @USER02 as String, thus the formula of @USER01 is syntactically wrong.


Re-order the variables so that only variables above the current one are being accessed. This ensures the correct calculation order.


@USER01 = 1.16
@USER02 = Count*@USER01

As an alternative, you can of course always use user variables having a result of type String:

@USER01 = Str$(Count*Val(@USER02))
@USER02 = Str$(1.16)

Please note, since List & Label 16 the order of user variables can be changed by the designer.

IDKBTE000559 KBTE000559

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