Windows Cursor set to Default even though List & Label busy

When I am displaying a report and call LL.Print having set the Cursor to Cursors.WaitCursor, the ListLabel object sets the cursor to Cursors.Default even though is it still getting data from the database and formatting the data for the report.
Is there a way to only set the cursor to Cursors.Default once List & Label has displayed (some of) the data (e.g. the first page)?

C# code snippet:

Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor;
ll.AutoDestination = LlPrintMode.Preview;

Hello Nick,

using the .NET PreviewControl of List & Label you can change the WaitCursor in the following way and reset it afterwards:

        Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor;

        listLabelPreviewControl1.SetOption((IntPtr)26, (IntPtr)4);


        listLabelPreviewControl1.SetOption((IntPtr)26, (IntPtr)2);

        Cursor = Cursors.Default;

The option “26” is LS_OPTION_MOUSEMODE and is defined as followed:

#define LS_OPTION_MOUSEMODE            (26)
#define LS_OPTION_MOUSEMODE_MOVE       (1)
#define LS_OPTION_MOUSEMODE_ZOOM       (2)
#define LS_OPTION_MOUSEMODE_WAIT       (4)

It is not available while executing a “normal” preview print, yet. So we entered the requirement into our database of wishes. The link beneath will lead you to a web form where you can suggest your wishes, share them with other List & Label developers, exchange, discuss and rate them:

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