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VCL-Package With Embarcadero C++ Builder 2010

Valid from List & Label 15
When using the VCL-Package in combination with Embarcadero C++ Builder 2010 it may happen that the List & Label package - though it's built and installed correctly - cannot be found. Your application will display the following message box:
"The application cannot be started because the cbpack.bpl is missing. Please reinstall the application and try again."

C++ Builder 2010 obviously doesn’t try to load the package from the search path registered in the IDE, but uses the paths set in the PATH environment.

Solution 1:
Copy the VCL package cbpack.bpl to the windows search path (PATH environment) or to your application’s path.

Solution 2:
Add both of the libraries ‘cmll??.lib’ and ‘cmls??.lib’ and the DCR file ‘L??.dcr’ to your project (where ?? is the List & Label version number).

IDKBTE000753 KBTE000753

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