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VCL-Package and Samples With Embarcadero C++ Builder XE6 (and Higher)

Valid from List & Label 19
Since C++ Builder XE6 (and higher) the successfully compiled List & Label VCL-Package cannot be installed any more and the installation results in the following message:
Can't load package C:\Program Files (x86)\combit\LL21\Programmable Samples and Declarations\C++ Builder\CBuilder6\.\cbpack.bpl.
The specified module could not be found.
The same can be noticed with the samples. The error message could read:
Unable to create process: The system cannot find the file specified.
The supplied project files are automatically converted by RAD Studio to a *.cbproj file. During this process the OutputExt section is written with a faulty file extension: ".bpl" for the VCL Package project and ".exe" for the supplied sample projects. This causes the described problem while installing the VCL-Package or starting one of the samples from RAD Studio. Probably the project converter (creating *.cbproj files) of RAD Studio is the reason of this problem.
After the project was automatically converted by RAD Studio the new *.cbproj file has to be manually edited with a texteditor.
  • VCL/Package project: modify the OutputExt section to read "bpl" (without extension dot)
  • Programming samples: modify the OutputExt section to read "exe" (without extension dot). Alternatively, this can also be done in RAD Studio for the affected project by opening its project options and modifying the property "Target file extension" in the "Application" section.
The VCL-Package and samples for Delphi are not affected by this problem. Also with RAD Studio versions earlier than XE6 the described behavior could not be reproduced.
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