Using CurrentTable for relative Adressing of Fields


I am trying to create a report which will be used as a template for several similar ones with different data displayed.

In this report I have also several sections which display the same data but are using different sources and therefore tables.

I am now looking for a method to easily copy my line and row configurations from one table to another without editing the table address every time.

I found the following method using CurrentTable:

Evaluate(LL.CurrentTable + “.LABEL”)

this should work the same way as typing


and it does … most of the time.

Sometimes I get a result where one value is used over multiple lines where it doesn’t belong. This stops at some point in the list. It behaves very unpredictable. If I add another row next to the faulty one with the same method, both are displaying the data correctly. If I delete one of then, the other one is showing wrong data again. Everything works fine when I address the fields directly. Also, this is working fine for some fields but not for all, even with the same data type.

Anyone any ideas? Would be really appreciated.

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I was able to reproduce a similar effect with our demo application. We’ll look at it although I cannot promise it will be before the holidays. Stay tuned and thanks for reaching out here!


thanks! That was quicker than expected.
After today, I will not be in the office until 01/06, so no rush.

If you can get this solved, it would make my work much, much easier going forward with our project.

Happy Holidays!

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As promised we investigated this issue further. At least for my test project, it helps to set the CheckUsedIdentifiers property of the comoponent (when using .NET) to false. Background: if the Table.LABEL field is only used as parameter for Evaluate, it never gets added to the list of used identifiers and thus is optimized away at print time. Can you check if this helps in your case as well? Please note that this will result in a slight performance drawback, especially if your data source has many fields and only a few are actually used.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


thank you very much.

Can you guide me to where I can alter this setting? I am still very new to LL.


Sure - are you using .NET? In this case, setting LL.CheckUsedIdentifiers=false in your code should help.