User Variables - Allow renaming them

Now that user variables, can be rearranged and copy/pasted, it seem that only thing missing is possibility of renaming them. 

That would be handy. Now I have to copy its value, create new one, give it the value and remove the old one. And of course open file and do Find/replace all occurances in it.

This could be done much easily when done though LL.

So please add possiblity of renaming the user variable and then offer user (Yes/No) to replace the old name with new in file (also RTF objects). 

LL24 will at least offer a way to search files (see Idea Place - combit Reporting Forum) which will make a refactoring like this a bit easier.

Another update - we’ll likely support Search & Replace, so I consider this request fixed. A nice addition later on may then be to automatically do a S&R, however that’s the easiest part of getting the job done :).

Think about search and replace of fonts and font attributes also!

S&R will cover all properties. So a S&R for “Arial” to “Comic Sans MS” will work as expected.