User Variable encoding

Good day,
when accessing the user variables, new lines are shown as ‘¤’ characters. I wanted to trim any whitespace, but this is not possible in this case. Which encoding is used for the variable content?


Hello Matthias,

you could try to replace the ASCII character: ChrSubst$ (

Possible ASCII character codes would be 10 (Line feed), 13 (Carriage return), we also came accross the values 240 and 248 in the past.

Thanks for the reply.
This is unfortunately not the case. If I have a UserVariable with a value of just a newline, the ASCII value is 63.

// userVariable.Contents == "¤"
var bytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(userVariable.Contents);
// bytes[0] == 63

Is ChrSubst$() working in this case when using a formula like the following?

ChrSubst$(UserVariableName, Chr$(63), "")