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Use Custom Paper Size for Export

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Valid from Report Server 23
As a requirement, it is quite possible that the paper format should be exported differently to DIN A4. In the Report Server Designer, you can therefore quickly configure the desired page size under "Project > Page Setup > Layout Regions", which is then also used in the preview print of the Designer. However, when exporting the report template in the Report Server at a later date, the previously set paper format is not used; instead, DIN A4 is used again.

The background is that an export is always executed directly on the server of the Report Server installation. Therefore, only the availabe printer of the server with its page formats can be used. In this case, the Report Server always uses only the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, which usually uses the A4 paper format as the default. 

To ensure that the desired paper format is not only taken into account in the preview print of the Report Server Designer, but also for a later export e.g. into the PDF format, the Microsoft XPS Document Writer must be provided with the desired paper format on the Report Server installation so that it can be used. To add a custom paper format for the Microsoft XPS Document Writer to the Report Server installation, follow these steps:
  • Switch to the server on which the report server was installed.
  • Here you then call up "Printers & Devices" in the classic system control - e. g. Using the WINDOWS button > "Control Panel" > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. Please do not use the modern Windows App "Printers & scanners" at this point, as a user-defined paper format cannot be configured here.
  • Now select the printer "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and select the menu item "Printer server properties".
  • Now a new paper size can be added to the Forms tab and saved. After saving in the list, check that the newly added paper size is found. Note: The user-defined paper size you want to use must be exactly the same x/y size as the paper size set in Report Server Designer.
  • Now please make sure that the Microsoft XPS Document Writer takes the new paper format into account and is listing the custom paper format by selecting it and selecting its "Printer properties" under "General > Preferences > Advanced > Paper/Output > Paper Size".
  • Now it is often necessary to restart the Report Server, so that the new printer properties can be re-imported from the Report Server. For example, you can restart the relevant application pool of the Report Server in the IIS Manager under the application pools.
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