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Two-colour series

Just in case anyone else has the same problem…
I wanted to set the colour of points from a field F1 in a series individually depending on the value of another field F2.
However, setting an expression for the colour only changed the colour for the whole series, depending on the first value of F2.
My workaround was to define two series with different colours, and to set the point to either F1 or a value outside the graph limits, conditionally upon F2 in each case (I didn’t find any other way to make the point invisible).
I admit that this isn’t pretty, but it works.
If anyone has a better idea I’d be glad to hear it…

It seems the properties like color etc. of a series belongs to the whole series - not for individual values of that series. You can imaging how the optional legend (if possible) will be shown, if each value of the series has got its own color?

Sorry - but I have no other idea at the moment. Maybe someone else will join. Otherwise, you can wait and try to open later for that requirement (setting colors in charts for individual values - not series) a (feature request for List & Label?

Good luck!

Thank you Oliver.
Yes, I came to the same conclusion.
It’s a good point you make about the legend - I don’t have an answer for that.
Another possible feature request could be a visibility condition for each point - that would at least help to make the workaround a little cleaner.

By the way, as I’m using green/red for pass/fail it’s actually good that different symbols are used for the two series (in case of colour blindness).

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