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TTY Pinwriter export to single file with 66 lines per page

I am trying to export to a flat text file with 66 lines per page and all pages in one file.

I have the emulation set to Ascii text (no control characters) and my page size to Letter
but the output .prn files always contain extra linefeed characters at the end and the total file length is always 134 lines.

Also it creates a seperate text file for each page of the output, is there any way to stop this I have tried setting the exportoption.ExportAllInOneFile but this has no effect.




Haven’t used TTY export for a while, but as I remember there’s one CRLF pair at the end of a line. So do you have 66 lines with two CRLF pairs, do I understand correctly? Can you look at the file bytewise and tell me what happens?

Paulchen (hi, Paul ;)))

Hi Paulchen, thanks for your response.

I have looked at the file bytewise and the file is correct up to the 66th line but then there are extra byte pairs at the end of the file.



So this means you get files, each with 66 lines of text (followed by CRLF) and one additional CRLF at the end (thus two)?

Anyway, you could ask LL what was exported (the list of files) using LL_OPTIONSTR_EXPORTFILELIST and concat these files yourself, possibly removing that extra CRLF pair.


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