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Truncated Cross Tab

(Christofer Yie) #1

Dear Combit Team,

I am currently using LL 22 to create reports for hotels. I meet some difficulty using the Crosstab, because we have a lot of data to analyze. The crosstab is truncated if the number of data exceed the height of the crosstab, so I can only produce one page of the data.
I have chosen larger format size paper and adjust the size of the crosstab, but the data are still missing.
Is it possible to print multiple pages of crosstab? If not, are you planning to add this ability in future release?

Thank you

Christofer Yie

(combit Support - Christian Rauchfuß) #2

Hi Christofer,

thank you for your post.

Yes, of course it is possible to print multipage crosstabs. We think that something is wrong with your crosstab. The List & Label Sample Application

delivers three sample reports containing a (multipage) crosstab. Via “Extended Samples” you can choose one of the following reports:

[quote]Crosstab and chart.srt
Crosstab with comparison of previous year.srt
Crosstab with multiple result cells and cross-colum references.srt[/quote]
Does the mentioned behavior also occur with one of sample mentioned above?

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

(Christofer Yie) #3

Hi Christian,
Thank you for your reply. The sample does print multiple pages of crosstab.
For your information, I am using Progress to define the fields and to send the value.

I have these options enabled:

I also get empty pages when I set the “Limit To” of the crosstab.

Note: I have no problem when printing multiple pages of table report (not crosstable)

(Christofer Yie) #4

Dear Christian,

Do you have any solution for this issue? I need to be able to produce multiple pages report using the crosstab and I have a deadline until end of March for the whole project and I am currently stucked because of this issue since a few weeks ago.

Thank you

Christofer Yie

(combit Support - Thomas Metternich) #5

Dear Christofer,

thank you for your post.

We were not able to reproduce the behavior described by you (Truncated Cross Tab). It was tested with an own print loop under Visual Basic.

Unfortunately, this question can not be solved in the forum. We need additional information (a small sample application, which shows the behavior) that cannot be exchanged through the forum platform.I’d suggest to open a support case via our support portal at https://www.combit.net/en/support-center/. Please copy any pertinent information from this thread into the case description

Best regards,

Thomas Metternich
Technical Support
combit GmbH

(Christofer Yie) #6

Dear Thomas,
After I had some time to investigate, the issue is in the LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA. In a list table, I always receive this warning that the page is full.
However, I do not get this warning if I am using CrossTab. I managed to print the second page of the CrossTab after adding LlPrint.
How can I know that I need to call the LlPrint when using CrossTab? Because I did not get the LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA warning when using CrossTab.

Thank You


(Christofer Yie) #7

Additional info:

This is the printing part of the code:

FOR EACH data-list:
RUN LLDefineFieldExt (OUTPUT nRet, hJob, “revenue”,
RUN LlDefineField (OUTPUT nRet, hJob, “ratecode”, data-list.ratecode) NO-ERROR.
RUN LlDefineField (OUTPUT nRet, hJob, “segment”, data-list.segment) NO-ERROR.
RUN LlPrintFields (OUTPUT nRet, hJob).

    LEAVE.      /* Error! */ 
/* US: IF page full THEN force NEW page an print record again */ 
    RUN LlPrint(OUTPUT nRet, hJob). 
    RUN LlPrintFields (OUTPUT nRet, hJob).