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Textual representation of number

I have a numeric field with some number and I need to show it as textual representation (for instance “52” to show as “fifty five”). I was thinking that if I could somehow define external functions (in L&L) which I will define in our application and evaluate it with some sort of callback (like External$(), but I don’t know if External$() is appropriate for this kind of task). Is it somehow possible?

Thank You


I have the same problem, did anyone managed to solve it yet ?

In .NET, this should be easy to do, just pick an open source project that does the computation of the string (e.g. here: Then put this code into a DesignerFunction (see the designer extension sample for directions).


Well, actually i’m an user not a programmer, so i’ll try to put the problem another way…
I have a comercial accounting application which has embebed List & Label so i don’t see how i can extend it with a function since i see no place i can put it, i already have a set of user variables that the application passes to List & Label and i was thinking if there is a way i can define a user variable that could give me this result so i could write the total ammount as text.
Or if i’m missing something and i could put the function some other way.
Thank you

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