Text Color based on conditions

I am trying to change the color of text based on the data

i added conditional formatting to the text based on a variable ‘PrintInColor’. that works

now i wanted to supply the color via the data model but i noticed that in the color settings of the conditional formatting i cannot access my data model

i tried creating a user variable but while i can access the user variable in the color settings it looks like it gets converted to a fixed value

is it possible to do this and if so how?



Where exactly are you trying to add the conditional format? Is this a table or a crosstab? Or a text object? If you provide some more details we can easily have a closer look :slight_smile:.

in this case it is a text object that is part of a table line in a nested table

the color should be based on the data that fills the table . the text is also from the same data

Will need to check this on Monday, I’ll follow up then.

Hi Mike, as promised I tried to repro this issue. I used the standard sample “Table in Table” for our demo application. Here, for the price column of the nested table I added a conditional formatting like so:

Which works nice:


If I try to do it “the hard way” with conditions like so (the full formula reads Cond(Products.UnitPrice>50, LL.Color.OrangeRed, LL.Color.Black):

the result is just the same. Can you try to find the difference between your project and the sample project? I’m attaching the modified version with the “complex” formula.

Table in table.srt (62.6 KB)

Upon closer reading the problem might be in the conditional formatting - it always works on the content of the cell the format is applied to. Thus, the second approach might be more appropriate for you.