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"Teams", "Groups" or "Friends" in the Forum

It would be great to organize users in teams, “groups” or “friends”.

It would be an easy way to find threads, posts, answers and votes of your teammates and “follow” them, or even get notifications.
combit could even use it for blog entries or your newsletters. You join/leave the “news”-group/team.
You can add multiple users to messages. Maybe also add a whole team/group to a conversation?


Would this plugin maybe do the job well enough? Can you quickly glance through the description if it would serve your needs?

Our blog posts etc are all tagged with the “announce” or “blog” tag, so you can easily either browse for them or disregard them.

Yes, I think this would work as well.
Thank you for the fast answer! :grin: :+1:

The plugin has just been enabled. To follow your team mates, just visit their profile page and click “follow”. Thanks very much for bringing this up :slight_smile:.

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