Tables with empty data sets

using .net i am printing tables on a report. if the dataset has no record for the table the table doesnt print at all (no headers etc). Is there any switch to make the table headers print in that case?

Can you simple try to set the property DelayTableHeader to false. Will this work?

didnt think of properties on the LL object.

while this may work this would set it for every table in the report. I am hoping there is a setting in the designer on each table

Currently, there is no such switch. However you could use the setting mentioned by @Oliver_Hambrecht and resort to using a group header with an empty “Group by” value instead of a header for the tables where you want the header to be delayed. This should then only be rendered if there is data to print, while for the other tables (where you’re using a real header) you’d get the header unconditionally.

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