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Table Data / Footer Issue

Completely new to this, so apologies if it’s an obvious question.

I have a older version of “List & Labels” (built into Optimus MIS system)
not sure how to work out which version!!

Our invoice is printed over a background template which is on another layer.
So everyhting has to fit into specified spaces.

When I print an Invoice, which consists of a table with Header, Data and Footer.
If the number of datalines goes over more than one page,
How do I throw to a new page before the footer space of the table.

i.e when printing multiple pages the datalines fill out the table space which is used in the footer ( I need to keep this space free on every page ) !!


Took the Table footer info out of the table and put the info on the last page.

I then reduced the table size not going outside of the template design.

Then linked the footer info I’d moved to the table to so you can calculate the LastPage()


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