Table - Combining column across rows - Anchoring not a fit


I’m designing a new invoice report/LST file for our system.

I’ve got a table in the report that has the body data along with a footer. (I’ll describe what I’m attempting to design / layout, but it may be easier to look at the screen capture as a picture tells a thousand words.) The footer has 8 rows.

For rows 1-7, I’d like to join the first column of all 7 rows in to effectively one large text box that will serve as a place for comments related to the invoice. (The columns to the right will serve as locations for miscellaneous charges, freight charges and sales tax.)

Reading the Designer manual I found the Anchor ability for the lines but that has a negative impact on the other columns, effectively collapsing them.

Is there another approach I can take to achieve this desired result? My attach screen shot shows my invoice layout without the anchor option enabled. The red line indicates the general chunk of columns/rows I wish to aggregate together.

Hello Matthew,

thank you for your post.

We think to use an anchor will be the right solution. Unfortunately we can’t reproduce any problems. Attached you will find some screenshots from out tests:

  • screenshot “anchor_layout.png”
    shows how it looks like in the layout-preview of the designer.

  • screenshot “anchor_preview.png”
    shows how it looks like after printing to preview

  • screenshot “anchor_bottom.png”
    shows the definition of footer 2 - footer 7. They are all anchored to the bottom of the previous footer (3 to 2, 4 to 3, 5 to 4, 6 to 5, 7 to 6)

  • screenshot “anchor_footer8.png”
    shows the definition of footer 8. It is anchored to the top of footer 3 and so it is printed on the same level like footer 3 (see screenshot “anchor_preview.png”. Can you reproduce this setup on your end?

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH




Many thanks. I did change my layout to match (I believe) your suggestions.

I set up Rows (Line) 1-7 where the left column is empty, and the middle and right column are set to show Miscellaneous Charges, if any. I anchor line 2 to line 1 and set the anchor point as Bottom and so on (anchor line 3 to line 2, bottom). (See file: table_contents_line_defintiion_2_anchored_bottom_to_1.png)

For Line 8, I set it to anchor to the top of line 1… I also set the width or Line 8 to be only 5.9" which is the space available in the first column for Line 1-7. (See file: table_contents_line_defintiion_8_anchored_top_to_1.png)

If I only include 1 Misc Charge, I see the entirety of the invoice comment fine (though line 9 doesn’t appear and the report becomes 100+ pages, but I imagine I will figure that out). (See file: invoice_with_only_1_misc_charge.png)

If I include a second Misc Charge, it blanks out the invoice comment that aligns with the line. (See file: invoice_with_2_misc_charges.png)

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