Support NET Core 3.0

If it is not possible to support .NET Standard 2.0 please publish some KB or Blog-posts about your efforts or opinions in supporting or not supporting .NET Standard 2.0.

LL23 will ship with experimental .NET Core 2.0 support. However we will not be platform independent. For this, you may use the new Report Server integration API, which is also compiled against the .NET Standard.

LL24 fully supports this. For LL25 we’re looking at supporting Core 3.0, including WPF and WinForms. Changing request subject to 3.0.

Jochen, review your request subject again! You want to support .Net Core 3.0, but I think you will not be able to support .Net Standard 3.0. Microsoft currently works on .Net Standard 2.1 and is far from finishing it ( Therefore I think the yearly schedule of LL updates especially for LL25 would prevent support for .Net Standard 3.0.

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Totally right - one of those glitches :slight_smile: . Thx!