Support Microsoft Graph for sending E-Mails via Outlook Mail

Microsoft MAPI-interface is going to die or vanish. Maybe you could support Microsoft Graph-REST-API for sending E-Mails.

Further informations:

Outlook mail API overview - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn

user: sendMail - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn


Thanks for the suggestion - great addition to the list. Are you aware you can also use SMTP to send mails? That should survive any MAPI fatalities. However, using Graph would definitely be interesting, too.

What is the status of this feature request?
We have customers requesting that we use Microsoft Graph for our List&Label mail integration

As there haven’t been too many votes on this request, it’s still in the backlog for a later version. Feel free to upvote the feature. In urgent cases and if it makes sense for both parties, we also offer to implement features on request as a paid service.

I just want to bring this topic up to your attention.

Microsoft 365 disables SMTP Auth by default. And they restrict SMTP via multifactor authentication further. So this topic become of more and more importance.

Here is an C# example, how sending mails with the OAuth2 and Office365 looks like: Demonstrates how to send and receive emails with OAuth2 authentication and Office 365 · GitHub.

But the real goal should be the direct support of mail sending via REST API from Microsoft Graph or Microsoft 365.

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Thanks - indeed, this is becoming more and more important. The request is currently being evaluated for inclusion into LL28. I’ll keep this thread updated.

Hello Jochen,

Do you have estimated dates for this LL28 release?

We usually release around the end of October.

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Promoted to planned - will likely be part of the LL28 feature set, we have a working prototype :slight_smile:.

Hello Jochen.

Is sending Emails over MAPI still supported in L&L28 ?

If Not:
Do you plan to deprecate it in future releases ?



Yes, MAPI is still around, we haven’t removed any other support in favor of Graph, this is just an additional option.

We don’t have any plans to deprecate MAPI, however the MAPI vendors/implementors will probably do so over time. Microsoft is heavily pushing towards Office 365 and others will follow. For the time being, MAPI will remain in the product.

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